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“MY BIBLE”               image of a Bible


Number of books 39 27 66
Languages     3
Chapters 929 260 1189
Verses 23,214 7,959 31,173
Words 592,439 181,253 773,692
Letters 2,728,100 838,380 3,566,480
Longest book Psalms Luke  
Shortest chapter     Ps 117
Shortest book Obadiah 3 John  
Longest chapter     Ps 119
Shortest verse 1 Chr 1:25 Jn 11:35  
Longest verse     Esther 8:9
And—occurs in the Bible 35,543 10,684 46,227
Fear     396
God     4,379
Hell     53
Lord     7,738

Bible contains about 10,385 prophecies.
Oldest man lived 969 years-Gen 5:27.
A bed 13½ feet long, 6 feet wide-Deut 3:11.
Sun stood still for a day-Josh 10:13.
Man spoken to by an ass-Num 22:28-30.
Army with 700 left-handed men-Judges 20:16.
Man’s hair weighed about 6¾ pounds when cut annually-2 Sam 14:26.
Man who had 6 fingers on each hand and on each foot 6 toes-2 Sam 21:20.
The axe head that floated in the water-2 Ki 6:1-6.
The sun traveled backwards-Isa 38:8.
Man walked naked for 3 years-Isa 20:2, 3.
Army of 185,000 destroyed in one night-Isa 37:36.
A man whose life was increased by 15 years, because he prayed-Isa 38:1-5.
Man ate locusts for food-Mt 3:4.
Regarding the King James Bible, a conference was held on January 14-16, 1604. The king decided to have the Bible translated into English. Fifty-four of the greatest bible scholars were involved. They were divided into 6 groups—3 for the Old Testament and 3 for the New Testament. One group for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament met at Oxford, two others at Cambridge, and two again at Westminster. The work began in 1607 and was completed in 1610. The first King James Bible appeared in 1611. Now, in this Biblically lukewarm church age (or social Christianity), some Bible critics and accusers say parts of it should have been translated differently. Beware of such as these.